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Romeo is a CD,DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD recording software

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Romeo is a CD,DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD recording software.
When you install Romeo, a bunch of applications will be installed under the Romeo Group.

"Romeo Audio Disc Grabber" will allow you to grab audio CDs and save the tracks in MP3, WAV or WMA format in your hard disk. You can choose the destination path and the quality of the file.

By using the "Romeo Command Line Burner" you will be able to burn CDs or DVDs directly from a command line window.

"Romeo Disc Copier" will produce exact copies from any CD or DVD.

"Romeo Disc Eraser" is an utility to erase rewritable CDs or DVDs.

"Romeo Disc Image Grabber" extracts a Disc Image from any CD or DVD, while "Romeo Disc Image Burner" creates a CD or DVD from any saved disc image.

"Romeo Disc Image Creator" lets you create a disc image from files saved in your hard disk.

"Romero Video Disc Burner" lets you create DVDs, VCDs or S-VCD from files in your drives.

Each application works independently, and will ask you for a license to run. If you are just using the trial version, you can press Cancel.

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